winter vichy

handmade vichy skirtwinter vichywinter vichywinter vichywinter vichywinter vichy


Isn’t this skirt the same one from the previous post? Yes, it is! I designed it a few months ago and used it for both summer and winter. I’m such a skirt lover, you can just add a pair of tights and boots to use them in winter. There are fabrics I won’t use when it’s too cold, they just don’t fit with the weather. But nowadays it’s all about being versatile and I love to use my handmade garments as much as possible!

I combined the skirt with a light tee and leather wedges for summer. Check the previous post to see details like the back button. On the other hand, for a colder weather I preferred to mix it with a long coat, a little turtleneck and black boots. Oh! Can’t miss the wintery burgundy lipstick that adds the perfect touch to autumn.

The summer lasted about a week in Holand, but I’m learning to appreciate what’s beautiful about other seasons like autumn and winter. Spring is also extremely sweet here, as the petals fall and the summer arrives. From autumn I love the orange and brown leaves that fall and the warm sunsets. I can tell that you start to appreciate every single sunbeam, it’s like the most precious thing you have.

I still have a few designs in my mind, just need some more spare time to sit next to my sewing machine and do some magic! Stay tunned!

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