summer vichy

handmade vichy skirt

summer vichy summer vichy summer vichysummer vichysummer vichysummer vichysummer vichysummer vichy

I can’t deny it. I love sewing skirts, it’s probably one of my fave garments and something I like to combine with a nice pair of sandals in summer and tights in winter. I designed this vichy skirt this past summer with a fabric I bought in Spain before coming to The Netherlands. It’s been waiting for a long time, but I finally managed to sew a skirt and also a matching top. Unfortunately, it’s kind of cold to wear it, I’ll have to wait until warm weather comes back to this cold city. Winter, be good to me, I’m a southerner.

In the meantime, I also combined this skirt for a colder autumn evening that I’ll post really soon. Stay tuned! You can also check my summer coat in my trip to Antwerp.

Sam Smith – Latch


  1. Carmen Brome

    Me encantan las fotos. …..Y el look can la falda de cuadros y el canasto.Bsitos

  2. Jo Mohn

    Me encanta tu pelo corto. Te da un aspecto sofísticado que me engancha. La falda es genial y los colores otoñales. Que pena que la lluvia holandesa y el frío tapicen tus conjuntos, aún así me encanta como pones atención hasta en el más mínimo de los detalles, como el color de tus uñas.


    • Muchas gracias chicas, sois geniales! :)


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