paper dolls


Didn’t you play with paper dolls as a child? I loved it, and remember spending countless hours cuting, drawing and styling paper dolls with my sister. This may be our begining in the fashion world, the reason why we enjoy it so much. The good thing is we still think about fashion as a game, at the end, you have to combine garments, colours, prints… Even though we have completely different styles. That makes it even funnier.

Today I’m sharing this drawings from a collection designed by Jorge Acuña, a really talented spanish designer that based this collection on Jackie Kennedy, such an icon! Isn’t it fabulous? All the details and bows cought my attention and couldn’t avoid being inspired by him.

 ♫ The Pierces – Secret


  1. Belle iniziative per noi over 70
    tb dress

  2. No me carga…


  3. Carmen

    Me encantan estas entradas

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