casual evening

casual eveningcasual evening

I’m one of those people that care about small details and insignificant moments that make you truly happy. Going for a walk to enjoy the sunset and last sunbeams, having a coffee in my fave spots or finding new places to go are some of the things I love doing when I need some relax and want just to clear my mind. It’s even more exciting when you’re living in a foreign country and have a lot to discover. Because it’s all about details. This is what remains at the end.

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  1. Great post, lady- it really is about the little + simple things. :)

    Le Stylo Rouge

  2. very glam looks
    see my new post
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  3. Las cosas mas sencillas con las que nos hacen felices. Estas muy mona.

  4. Unas fotos preciosas!
    Besos guapa,

  5. Hi sweetie
    What adorable pics.
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  6. Un plan genial! besos!

  7. Casual and elegant ! stylish.


  8. Yo soy exactamente igual. Los pequeños detalles de la vida son tan importantes… Así que en mis días libres tengo varios rituales que nunca fallan y que me encanta repetir, como la cena en algún restaurante del barrio, dar una vuelta por el centro de Madrid o ir a yoga. Un beso enorme

  9. Nice photos.


  10. Que importantes son esos pequeños detalles !!!
    me encanta el toque del trench en el look.


  11. Love this jacket and look! So simple yet chic.


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