taking chances

taking chancestaking chancestaking chances

I shot these pictures myself when I came back to Holland from Spain, after cutting my hair. Saying goodbye to my long hair wasn’t difficult, I knew I wanted it short again, shorter than last time. Shorter than ever. And I was patiently waiting to go back home to visit my all time hairdresser.

You always need a chance once in a while and I can’t be happier with my new look, it’s comfortable and gives me a lot of choices. Although I also miss high ponytails, buns and braids, my hair grows really fast. Most of the time, taking chances is more difficult than you expected, but the best is yet to come and even if you made a wrong decision, you learnt a lesson and that’s what really matters. At least, mistakes are the ones that shape our lives. Change is the only constant.

Céline Dion – Taking chances


  1. Un corte fantástico, es chulisimo y te queda genial!.

    Un besito.


  2. Muy bonito el corte! besos!


  3. Your hair looks amazing, you pull it off so well! Gorgeous!

    xx Always Em

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